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Contest and Giveaway Disclaimer


1) No purchase necessary to enter or to win


2) You must be 18 years old or older to enter the contest


3) You must be a legal US Resident


4) Winners will be chosen randomly.


5) Products given away by The Daily Mojo may be new products supplied by various manufacturers specifically for giveaways, or they could be tools or products that have been sent to us to test, making them slightly used. All giveaway tools and products are strictly “as-is.”


6) By entering, you agree that If you win, we can post your name as the winner on the Giveaways Page of The Daily Mojo or on the The Daily Mojo Facebook page, or in any other location deemed necessary by us to promote the contest, past winners, and future content. 


7) In order to win, you need to provide valid contact information for any of the entry methods. If we can’t reach you by the contact information you’ve provided, we will randomly select another winner.

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