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MoJo 5-0 Listener Meet Up in PA

Hey, MOJO listeners in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area, this is Kevin K. We are checking to see if you’d like to get together for a MOJO lunch/dinner??

The event will be held at Brass Buckle Restaurant in Conyngham, PA. (2 miles from I-80 & I-81 intersection).

There is lodging available at Hampton Inn, at a reduced rate, 1 mile away.

If you’re interested, advise what days are good for you in January 2024, and we’ll put together a “choice list” and we will finalize a date.

You will be able to order off the menu and pay Brass Buckle yourself.

(Brass Buckle will offer The MOJO Brandon Special for $ 1,581.83, which consists of an empty bag filled with a lot of promises, if you want your meal to go). :)

There’s no $ being made by me on this.  Attendees pay their own way.

Perhaps we can have the attendees do a live meeting with MOJO from the event?

Let me know your dates, # of people, lunch or dinner preference and thoughts.

Email me at

Thank you,

Kevin K.

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Lady Cougar J. Diva
Lady Cougar J. Diva
16 nov. 2023

Let me know the date ya’ll decide… I went to the first MojoConNE in 2018 b4 the train after the abrupt move to Mojo, I need to let Operathang & Libra-Tarian know!


02 nov. 2023

Man I'd love to go to that, but I'm about 5 hours away. Depending on the time I'll see if I can't get a couple of days off so I can make it. It's probably not likely, to be honest. If I can't make it I'll be there in spirit. I love the idea of jackholes getting together.

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