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The BIG Christmas Giveaway

We've held nothing back! Literally - it all fell out of the prize closet and it'll hopefully roll right into your hands. Let's go over the deets of the 13-item prize bounty!

1) This amazingly realistic painted skull looks real because - it's real. We have no idea whose artwork this is, but it's one-of-a-kind!

2) This pair of Certified Pre-Owned camisas is signed by the actual stars who wore them everyday. Well, technically, one wore it and the other just stared. Don't worry - we did that thing you do to toilets that makes them clean - Sanforizing?

3) This is the real deal - a genuine jewelry box direct from Slovakia. It was acquired by Beth E Knott during her mission with Mercury One to move the Christians to safety from Iraq.

4) You'll like what's in this box. Well, you'll like it if you like the thought that it was a gift to employees at TheBlaze from the Big Guy himself. Hint: you'll need glasses...

5) Lulu Guinness L102 Expensive Sunglasses! Seriously, these are $146 MSRP. It's your chance to own something snazzy without the guilt that comes with accidentally sitting on them - cuz after all - they were free to you!

6) Tek Roo is amazing, as we all know. But were you aware that 2024 could be his BIG Year? Show your Roo support with these decals.

7) This collection of the best tech from the 70s & 80s - The Classic PeeChee Folder - is yours to doodle on and record contact info from the hottest babes and bitchinest dudes.

But wait! There's More!!?? YES!

8) This pair of matching coin holders directly from Brad's hometown of Las Vegas is sure to be the centerpiece of your next holiday party! They really are good at holding change and stuff, though.

9) This multi-pack of The Daily Mojo decals are a great way to release your frustrations by beautifying any local government buildings. If anyone asks, we didn't tell you to do it!

10) These UGEARS Mechanical Models are a complete mystery to us. We don't know where they came from, but they're really cool little puzzle/projects that you can assemble and re-gift!

11) It might be a wine cork; it might be a candle that fits into a wine bottle. Either way, it might be yours...

12) This handy pack of Pocket Constitutions are perfect for handing out to people who just don't get it - you know, the freedom and anti-tyranny thing. Give them away to those in need!

13) Kosice Fridge Magnet - all the way from Slovakia. Another unique little gem from the Beth E Knott / Mercury One mission to move the Christians from Iraq. Really, it's a piece of history.

So what's it all worth? Millions? Thousands? Hundreds? You decide, but remember - it's always the thought that counts.

Be sure you're eligible to win! Text dailymojo to 80123 and join our little texting club. It's free and we don't spam the crap out of you. Plus, you can send us notes during class! Once you're in, be sure to listen Thursday to find out the "Phrase That Pays".

Love, Hugs, & Merry Christmas from us at The Daily MoJo!

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Toby McEvoy
Toby McEvoy
Dec 12, 2023

You are simply too generous to your audience.

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